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Facebook games and apps

Facebook games and apps

Organizing of Facebook games and presentation of your services in Facebook has become a mandatory part of your business strategy. We are offering you planning and organizing of games, development of tabs and informative content for your site.

We can develop, configure and maintain your Facebook page. Moreover, we will add various interactive applications for your fans, which will attract more followers and potential clients. The good impression that your services and products make is the right way to success.

The maintenance of the page and the content sharing in your Facebook page helps the SEO optimization and the rating of your website.

Example prices for maintenance of a Facebook page:

  • 150 EUR - monthly for maintenance of 1 FB page
  • 100 EUR – design and branding of 1 FB page
  • 80 EUR – design and encoding of 1 FB static TAB
  • 200+ EUR – design and encoding of FB games

All prices are calculated before laying under taxation. We offer discounts for pre- paying of 3%, 5%, 7% respectively for 3, 6 and 12 month campaigns. For planning and organizing of larger campaigns and additional services, please contact us.

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