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Joomla CMS website

Joomla CMS website

When planning your new website there are many problems to solve. For instance, the design and the of the domain name, but most of all you have to choose the right platform (CMS). The solution, which mustn’t be neglected.

Joomla CMS is one the most developed systems for content management, which is constantly improving by hundreds of programmers. Many web developers and web studios are selecting Joomla for the foundation of their projects. We can offer an individual unique design, which we will convert to a template for Joomla. And you will manage you website content via an administrative panel, integrated in the system.

Here are some interesting facts, which is good to know for Joomla before you select the CMS for your new website.

  1. 2.8% from the website worldwide use Joomla
  2. There are 6000+ developed components and 12000+ different add-ons
  3. Joomla is used by millions of users worldwide, including thousands of popular brands
  4. Exclusively ordered and well- structured administrative panel
  5. SEO code, which is easily read be the search engines

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