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Monday, 07 September 2015 11:07

Is it important to have a mobile optimized web site?

The benefits behind having an mobile optimized website are numerous and it will help you increase your results and attract more clients to your business, no doubt. Statistics show that people use mobile devices for internet surfing and information searching more and more often.

In case you don`t have a mobile version for your website, you are threaten by the risk to stave the visitors off and with it to lose the chance to turn them into your customers. All the difficulties users find, when trying to open a website with no mobile version, usually make them close and leave the website and to go back to the next search results.

If you don`t want this to happen to your website, as well, immediately, take under consideration an optimization for the consumer`s experience on a mobile device like a tablet or a smartphone. Think about the best way to simplify and update the page for these devices, as well as for the way to remove the unnecessary elements. Mobile websites should be light, but not hard and complex for the users – with useless images that are too big and that are tough to be downloaded by a mobile phone with weak internet connection.

Try to focus your attention to what you offer on the very first page of your website. Make sure that the users can easily access what they look for on the page. And let them go where they want with 1, but not more than 2 clicks. It is very important for you to keep the clients for more time on your page, so he can eventually contact you. The higher your website % realization is, the more successful it is.

Visitors dislike waiting, so remove all the necessary things from the page and leave the important ones only. Thus, you will increase the loading speed significantly. Mobile website optimization is also very important for your page indexation in search engines. If the page corresponds to the recommendations, constantly given by the search engine companies, it will be shown more often and placed on a higher position. The opposite is also right – search engines will show the pages with mobile versions before those with no mobile options. On mandatory, keep this mind and do not lose your mobile search engine positions.

Statistics show that about 60% of internet consumption right now is mobile. The expectations and prognoses say that during 2016 year websites will register about 50% and even more consumers via mobile devices.

To check if your website is a mobile optimized one, click here.

If you cannot optimize your own page for mobile devices, do not hesitate to contact us!
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