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Wednesday, 19 February 2014 08:51

Why visitors leave your website?

Attracting more traffic is only one half of the real goal! To keep the traffic is a whole different story. There is a plenty of opinions on how to keep the visitor’s attention and interest on the website for longer.

You can have an amazing product or service, web design that is winning prizes and superb content, but if you are losing the visitors before the “Buy” button you have a problem.

Do you know why your visitors are leaving your website?

There reasons can be different. Sometimes the visitors are just not interested in your product or service and consequently leave the website. Another possibility is that they are passing by your website while surfing the Internet. Fortunately, there is a part of the visitors that are actually interested in your services or products. These are the visitors you have to keep watching and browsing your website for as long as possible in order to give them the chance to get familiar with your commodities and eventually to pay for some of them.

Some of the factors that lead to loss of website visitors are:

Think about this problem. If your website loads for over 4 seconds, there is large chance that you will lose a large part of your traffic. It is a fact that web users are exacting and they do not like waiting! Do you like waiting?

You have a lot of banners and advertisement windows in your website? This may be the reason why your visitors lose interest. Irritated by loads of advertisements they just exit the website.

It is possible that you are not familiar with your auditory and you are doing marketing, which does not lead to conversion, because you are not facing directly your website’s visitor who want to buy from you. Develop a customer’s profile, find out what are the customer’s needs and problems. And if he/she finds a solution to his/her problems from you, the conversion is many times more probable!

Now you know the profile of the customers, who would like to buy from you (or use your services). Have a look at you website’s content carefully. Are your images and articles facing the visitor directly? Optimize them, make them easy to read and highly informative. Use list styles. They attract the visitor’s attention.

You are the only one that is maintaining and updating your website. So it perfectly normal to miss something obvious. Ask a college or a friend what do they think about your website. Using your college’s/friend’s assistance, find out if the website is easy to use, interesting and functional. Gather as many opinions as possible and analyze them. It is advisable that you should not trust every opinion but if a problem or a segment is met several times in the given opinions, then you should take action and optimize them.

Try to organize the content and not to irritate your visitors with loads of unnecessary information. Organize the index page in sections and try to present as many products and/or services. Emphasize on the main products/services you would like to attract customer’s attention to. Do not stop testing and constantly updating your website!
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